Construction Schedule

By Month as of 06/12/2023

November 2022
1. Waiting for Building Permit100% Completed
2. Construction fence installed100% Completed
3. Start building pad100% Completed

December 2022
1. Waiting on permit100% Completed
2. Installing, water, sewer and storm drain100% Completed
3. Construction fence installed100% Completed
4. Completed Building pad100% Completed

January 2023
1. Setting of cornerstone100% Completed
2. Foundations started100% Completed
3. Waiting on Electric and Plumbing permits100% Completed

March 2023
1. Foundations completed and backfilled100% Completed
2. Steel arrives on site100% Completed
3. Underground electric and sound conduit installed100% Completed
4. Underground electric and sound conduit and inspected100% Completed
5. Underground plumbing installed100% Completed
6. Underground plumbing inspected100% Completed
7. Order Framing Materials100% Completed
8. Order exterior Steel Doors100% Completed
April 2023
1. Slab poured100% Completed
2. Framing starts100% Completed
3. Order store front entry Doors100% Completed
4. Order windows100% Completed
May 2023
1. Set Trusses 100% Completed
2. Framing completed and all bracing installed 100% Completed
3. Install exterior Dens Glass100% Completed
4. Exterior doors and windows installed100% Completed
5 Plumbing Rough in started100% Completed
June 2023
1. Roof installed100% Completed
2. Electric rough in started100% Completed
3. Plumbing rough in completed and inspected100% Completed
4. Exterior stone100% Completed
5. HVAC rough in started100% Completed
July 2023
1. Electric rough in completed and inspected100% Completed
2. HVAC rough in completed and inspected100% Completed
3. Insulation installed and inspected100% Completed
4. Building cover up inspection completed100% Completed
5. Start hanging drywall100% Completed
6. Exterior EIFS completed100% Completed
August 2023
1. Complete drywall0% Completed
2. Complete painting0% Completed
3. Interior doors and hardware installed0% Completed
4. Suspended ceiling installed0% Completed
5. Bath room flooring installed0% Completed
6. Plumbing trim out completed and inspected0% Completed
7. HVAC trim out completed and inspected0% Completed
8. Exterior concrete completed0% Completed
9. Soffit, Fascia and gutters installed0% Completed
September 2023
1. Exterior site work completed0% Completed
2. Restroom toilet partitions installed0% Completed
3. Floor Covering Completed0% Completed
4. Complete Punch List0% Completed
5. Building Final Inspection0% Completed
6. Training Sessions Completed with Church0% Completed
7. Turn Building over to Church0% Completed