Speaker : Alex KolathSeries : Faith

Have you ever been in a terrible situation where it just felt like you’re losing control? Your life is falling apart. You’re hanging on by a thread each and every day. […]

Speaker : VicarSeries : Relationship Status

What is the message of the Resurrected Christ? How is it related to the mission of the Church? Do we really grasp the responsibility God has given us as a Church?

Speaker : VicarSeries : New Year

We want things to be different in a new year but we quickly find out how elusive real change can be […]

Speaker : VicarSeries : First christmas

In the month of July, we celebrate the independence of our country the USA from Great Britain in the 18th Century. […]

Speaker : VicarSeries : Relationship Status

We are in Lenten Season. Lent is observed as a dedication. This is done to imitate Jesus Christ’s 40 days fast in the wilderness (Matt 4:1-2)[…]

Speaker : VicarSeries : First christmas

“Praise the Lord” for keeping all of us safe during the year 2011. Let us think like the Psalmist, “What shall I offer to the Lord for all his goodness to me?” […]