Thanksgiving baskets delivered to the Meadowland Elementary school, Sterling VA

15, November, 2017Posted by :imtcva-admin

By the Grace of God, we were able to provide Thanksgiving baskets for 22 families that were identified by the Meadowland elementary school in Sterling, VA as being in need. Each basket included food items donated by our members and a gift card for the families donated by our church.

It was wonderful to the see the joy on the face of the parent liaison, Peggy Nieves, when she saw all that we had brought in to donate. She also expressed how all the families will be filled with joy and amazement at all that we donated. She remembered that we had donated $500 last year during the Christmas season as well and how that brought so much joy to so many families.

Thanks again, for helping Feed the Need.

Joe Chacko
Outreach coordinator


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