Weekly Lenten Meditation (Week 1)

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John 20:30-31 says, “Now Jesus did many other signs in the presence of the disciples, which are not written in this book; but these are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.”

The Gospel of John has 7 signs or miracles recorded, apart from Jesus’ resurrection. John has recorded these particular signs for a particular purpose: so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, and that by believing you may have life in His name.

During this Lenten season, every week we will look at each of these signs, and see how it points us to faith in Christ such that we may have life. 

Today’s sign was discussed in the sermon of today, so the text will be briefly summarized. Following will be a few questions to reflect on in this first week of Lent.

I pray this will be a blessing for all of us as we move toward Passion week. 

Please read: John 2:1-11

Summary message: Jews were getting stale in their devotion to God. Their devotion was much like the wine at the wedding. It was good, but not the greatest, and it was running out. Jesus came and provided a new wine that was far better than any wine. He came and provided a new life through His blood that was shed on the cross. He gave us a chance to participate in the greatest of wedding feasts when Jesus is the bridegroom, and we, the Church, are the bride.

Questions for study and meditation:

Jesus asked the servants to put water into the stone jars that were used for the Jewish rites (rituals) of purification. This water is what turned into the wine. What is the significance of Jesus’ miraculous wine coming from these jars, instead of just any jar?

Signs point us to something that is coming ahead. Like the “STOP” sign, or the “DIP” sign on the road. If you miss the sign, you will suffer the consequences. John says this miracle at Cana was the first of Jesus’ signs. This sign points us to Jesus’ crucifixion, where His shed blood purifies us of our sin. What happens if you miss this sign (see John 3:16)?

Even as believers in Christ, we can become stale in our devotion. Things of the world, even things that aren’t sinful in itself, distract us. That once vibrant and lively relationship we had with Jesus could deteriorate into a casual relationship or none at all. What things in your life have negatively affected your relationship with Jesus? What things do you need to be purified of?

When it seems as if your “wine” is running out, meaning, your devotion to Jesus is going stale, what are ways that Jesus has intervened in your life to revive your devotion to Him? In such instances, what was the role of the Word of God? What was the role of prayer? 

What are ways you can keep yourself from going stale in your devotion to God?

 Jesus knew that in order for His heavenly bride, the Church, to be prepared for that wedding day, He must suffer and die so that we, the bride, can be purified. That amazing love that He showed on the cross is what betrothed Him to us. Now we await His coming again for that wedding day.

In this Week 1 of the Lenten season, let us consider what Jesus had to do to make us His bride. If our relationship with Him has gone stale, let us repent of whatever it is that is distracting us and come back to Him. Let us remind ourselves of that great love that He has for us.

Below is a lyric video of a song by Third Day, “Love Song”, that reminds us of what Jesus did to make us His bride

 May the love of God be with us all, and revive our relationship with Him.


Rev. Alex Kolath

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